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Our cheese catalogues 2018-2019!

Here you can read online or download our catalogues. Please note that the PDF files are about 50MB big. The downloading may depend on the speed of your internet connection and can take some time.



Our cheese novelties 2018-2019



La Sélection Exclusive des Crémiers

The Sélection Exclusive des Crémiers is a range of original cheese products, developed to make your counter unique through the diversity of its tastes and its quality. This exclusive range presents a selection of refined cheeses produced by small-scale producers from France and Europe.


Cheese Time (Une Envie de Fromages)

The catalogue Cheese Time (Une envie de Fromages) offers cheese specialties from France and Europe, picked with great care and which have kept all their authenticity. Get to know them better so that you can enjoy even more their taste and nutritional qualities!


Organic Cheese

Organic and FROMI:
For several years now, Fromi has been developing a line of organic cheeses and gourmet grocery products in order to best satisfy the demand and expectations of its customers. We are certified “organic” and the products of our suppliers, are subject to strict and regular inspections.
Our products are supplied directly by the producer to the customer with no intermediary or additional transport. This allows us to reduce our fuel consumption and carbon footprint. In addition, we have reduced the packaging used in our products and every day we perform a selective sorting of our waste in order to respect our environment to the utmost extent.